Large Format B&W Prints Exhibit Graphics at Alphawood Gallery in Chicago

Alphawood Gallery has partnered with the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) to produce the Gallery’s first original exhibition, “Then They Came for Me: Incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII and the Demise of Civil Liberties”. This exhibition examines a dark episode in U.S. history when, in the name of national security, the government incarcerated 120,000 citizens and legal residents during World War II without due process or other constitutional protections to which they were entitled.

Sunrise Hitek was chosen to reproduce the B&W photographs that were hung throughout the exhibit. Photographs from renowned American photographers Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams were among the photographs selected.

“We worked closely with Michael Williams, a Chicago-based photo historian and one of the curators of the show, on the reproductions to wring the maximum impact from each image. We used custom separations, in-line varnish, and G7 calibration methodology to maintain tone and detail throughout the dynamic range” said Steve Miller from Sunrise Hitek.

Although I saw the photos in the shop, they took on a new meaning when I experienced them in the show. The photographs were so stunning and beautiful, yet the circumstances were so troubling. When you see the photos in the show they really become that much more powerful.

I highly recommend anyone that is interested to see the show. It is available for free till November 19th.

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