Sunrise Adds Raised Spot UV Coating

Here at Sunrise Hitek we have just added a new Duplo DDC-810 raised Spot Coater to our litany of printing and finishing equipment. This service allows not just standard spot coating, which highlights a name, logo, or anything else one wants to stand out, but also allows for various coating heights and textures. Texturized coating can be done on anything from mailers to boxes. Many texture choices are available, including pebbled and lined finishes as well as more exotic patterns like leopard or plaid. Check it out:

Consumers are barraged with postcard mailers and brochures on a daily basis. This type of direct print marketing can get expensive and monotonous, so it is integral for that piece to stand out amongst the rest. Spot and texturized coating have long been a popular finishing option for printed items. Previously, this was a costly and sometimes time-consuming service reserved for large-scale projects. Spot and texturized coating immediately grabs the attention of the person handling it, leaving a lasting mark in their hands.

We are so excited to start using this feature on different projects!